Chemical Neurolysis for Nerve Pain

Chemical Neurolysis

We are excited to offer our patients a very successful, non-surgical procedure to relieve neuroma pain and other painful nerve conditions. Many people who have tried steroid injections and even those who have tried surgery come away very disappointed because these treatments have not ended their pain. Some just give up hope of ever being pain free and being able to enjoy the activities they love. Chemical neurolysis may be the hope they are looking for. It has been for many of our patients.

Chemical neurolysis or sclerosing injections, can effectively treat neuromas symptoms without the risks and problems associated with steroid injections or neuroma surgery.

Chemical neurolysis requires a series of injections, usually given ten days to two weeks apart. The injections are of an absolute dehydrated alcohol solution mixed with a local anesthetic. Each injection builds on the prior injection so it is important to keep your appointments and avoid longer intervals between injections In most cases, we deaden the area with a little local anesthetic to help make the injections as pain free as possible. We pride ourselves in the care we take to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Success Rate
Studies report pain relief of between 60% and 89%. Many of our patients, who been suffering for years from painful nerve symptoms and even some who still are in pain after surgery, have found relief through chemical neurolysis injections. Usually between four and seven injections are needed. The injections are stopped in most cases when the pain is about 90% or more reduced.

Chemical neurolysis requires multiple trips to our office for injections. Occasionally a patient may experience pain for a few days following the sclerosing injection. These injections do not work for everyone but they seem highly successful for most. Many insurance companies cover chemical neurolysis but there are still some that will not.

There is a very high success rate with sclerosing alcohol injections. It seems that the procedure works about as often as surgery for those that begin to see success with the first two injections. There are really no restrictions after the sclerosing injections. You may return to work and walk immediately after the injections. There is usually minimal pain at time of the injection. We do our best to make the process as comfortable as we can.
Chemical neurolysis helps prevent the need for surgery and there are very few reported side effects.

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